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Top Characteristics of Russia You Didn’t Think Of…

In no particular order, unless you count the sequence in which they came to my mind…

1. The cheapest bottle of water in Russia still costs more than a shot of Vodka.
2. Russians never smile in public, but are nevertheless very friendly and helpful.
3. Most DVD’s and CD’s found in stores are bootleg, and therefore extremely cheap (and apparently completely legal).
4. Police officers can stop you without probable cause and will try to fine you for doing nothing at all, in an attempt to subsidize their small salary.
5. Clothes are much more expensive in St. Petersburg, but people are usually (if not always) dressed well.
6. All public transportation closes around midnight in St. Petersburg, so it is normal for youth to stay out all night [until the metro opens again].
7. ‘Gypsy-Cabs’ are just as widely used as regular cabs and usually a lot cheaper.
8. In any given corner store, one can find 15 different types of juice but only 3 types of soda (Pepsi, Sprite and Fanta).
9. There are more 24-hour flower shops than 24-hour corner stores.
10. It is completely legal [and publicly acceptable for beer, not so much for liquor] to drink on the street, however many cities have laws against buying liquor after midnight or 1am. (This however does not affect bars)
11. Women are always wearing heels (even babushkas at 70 years of age).
12. Russians use Dill in EVERYTHING.
13. Many families still live in communal apartments, though many families also have a dacha which is a house outside of town, in the forest, used to grow fruit, vegetables, and spices.
14. ‘Working-out’ or ‘going to the gym’ is still a new concept here, but quickly growing popular.
15. The legal drinking age in Russia is 18… but this most people don’t know. It is common to see 15-year-olds drinking at bars. I’ve never seen anyone get ‘carded’ for anything here.
16. One can buy a pack of Cigarettes for as cheap as 9 rubles (about 30 cents USD).

More to be added as I remember them!


2 thoughts on “Top Characteristics of Russia You Didn’t Think Of…

  1. 30 cents for cigs? Wow.

    Also I love the part about more flowre shops than corner stores, I bet you theyre crime rate is lower than what we have here.

    Hows school going?

    Miss you!

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