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Cupcake Palooza

So last weekend, a friend and I ventured to Georgetown Cupcake.  This cupcake bakery is famous for the show, DC Cupcakes on TLC.  It is a Washingtonian thing to do – wait in a long line to get overpriced baked goods.

The line is long… halfway down the block.

From here we waited about 45 minutes.

It was worth it.

They have a rotating menu daily with seasonal flavors as well, along with basics that are always available.  Above is Lava Fudge.  Below is Coconut.

The cake was very moist.  Freshly shredded coconut was baked baked into the batter and an abundant amount was garnished on top.  The frosting was fairly light but creamy and smooth.  It was a pretty excellent cupcake. The atmosphere is friendly.  As you wait in line someone may offer you water and a menu.  All of the staff was courteous.

The line did move consistently as their cashiers seem to be well trained in picking and packing cupcakes (though how hard could it really be?).

The only downside is that there isn’t very much sitting space inside.  When it is packed, as it was this Friday evening, there was no space available.  We did find a window sill outside to sit on and eat our cupcakes.  I found that many customers were buying a many cupcakes and taking them home, for that scenario this obviously wouldn’t bother you.

Overall, this is a fun thing to do with friends if you have some time around Georgetown.  There are also two other prestigious bakeries in Georgetown which I am planning on checking out : Sprinkles and Baked & Wired.


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