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Summertime in MOSCOW: Weeks 1 and 2

So Russia is pretty awesome.  Though, it has changed much since I was last here… and St. Petersburg is by far much more like-able than Moscow.

Moscow has witnessed an incredible growth of American fast food chains.  Now fully equipped with Wendys (R), Burger King (R), plus their previous multitude of Starbucks (R) and McDonalds (R)… it is likely a visitor may forget they are in fact in the former Soviet Union Republic, in which one couldn’t even buy a pair of jeans just a few decades ago. Care to learn more? Check out this recent article by the NYTimes, published August 4, 2011.

Biggest difference between Moscow and St. Petersburg?

Well, visually, it would have to be the skycrapers.

St. Petersburg has a city law that limits the height of buildings to 17 stories. This is not the case in Moscow. To the right is a picture of one of the ‘Seven Sisters‘ buildings. Designed in Stalinist fashion, they were constructed between 1947 to 1953.  This one is directly adjacent to the US Embassy Moscow.

In other news, we explored the open-market at Izmailovo.  SOVIET POSTERS!

While there we also enjoyed some grilled shashlik (similar to shish-kabobs) and lots of rain.

We also went to the Embassy Dacha and hit the beach.

The weather was wonderful for us that weekend.

Oh, Hello There Kremlin. Nice to see you again.

Also went to the Pushkin Museum for the DIOR traveling exhibit. Pretty awesome.


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