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Caprice Pasta

Summer is wonderful, I love the sun, heat, and being able to enjoy things outside. Summer food is even better – light, and full of vegetables and fruits that are picked at their ripest.

Pasta is always great, a warm comfort food in the winter, but can also be flavorful and fun in the summer months.

Try this hot or cold:

The best caprice pasta everrrr

tbsp Olive Oil

halved roma tomatoes


small amount of diced onion (depends on amount of pasta and preference)

minced clove of garlic

chopped mozzarella

favorite pasta: tri-color organic bowties… made with sundried tomato, spinach and semolina

Drizzle with a little balsamic

chopped basil/parsley


Boil the pasta to al dente, you don’t want to overcook them since  you will add them to the saute pan. Saute OO and diced onion and garlic until the flavors break.  Then add tomatoes.  I don’t particularly like the seeds so I squeeze them out before adding.  When the pasta is done, add the spinach and pasta to the pan.  Toss with mozzarella and herbs, salt/pepper as needed, then drizzle with balsamic to preference!  You could also try some italian dressing or even just lemon juice if you want something light.

Great go to dish for summer parties and last minute meals!


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