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A Weekend Away

After a long morning of completing work as quickly as possible, rushing out the door and to the metro, I was already sweaty of the Moscow heat.  Wondering how the weather would be in St. Petersburg, I realized I had forgotten to check in advance and merely packed for Moscow weather.  Upon arriving to the train station, I quickly realized my electronic train ticket which was once in my pocket was no longer.  I was late enough already and by the time I was quickly shuffled from ticket counter to ticket counter by Russians who decided they didn’t feel like being helpful today, I had missed my train.

Disappointed, I purchased a new train ticket.  It landed me on a top bunk in an overnight kupe with a typical Russian family: mother, father and young son.  Arriving in Moskovskiiy Vokzal at 0600, exhausted, I met up with a friend who took me back to an apartment which I proceeded to pass out in.

Later that morning we had breakfast and planned our day.  We decided to go to the new mall that was just built and to a movie.  We went to a few cafes and met up with friends.  Parading around the city taking random photos with friends of places I remembered being long ago: it was the epitome of nostalgia.

The next day we had a typical Russian family reunion, or at least to me it was because I don’t know any different.  The warmth and hospitality radiated from each person so obviously.  It truly felt like home with strangers.

Food for the day included: brown bread, salmon (or lox for you East-Coasters), canned mushrooms picked from the yard (in true Russian fashion), homemade cheese, domestic blueberries (a little different than American blueberries).  For dinner: pasta and beef, and soup.

Family dinner was had with my friend, his sister, and his Mother.  Of course, throughout dinner quite a few shots of vodka were consumed.  Then we proceeded to play music and dance around the living room eating chocolates and other candies.  Probably one of the best nights I’ve had in Russia.  A true window into a people and culture I constantly wish I better understood.




One thought on “A Weekend Away

  1. Hey girl, glad to see you are having fun. Richmond got hammered this weekend…many still without power and roads closed because of fallen trees. Many friends impacted…I am ok; house has power and my babies are all with me. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

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