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Protests Follow Duma Elections in Russia

At a Glance:

Protests in Moscow on Sunday attracted over 5,000 people. Social Media sites ‘VKontakte‘, Facebook, and Twitter were used to spread the message of impending protests for this coming weekend.

“Insight: Social media makes anti-Putin protests “snowball”” Reuters: December 7, 2011.

OSCE’s broad analysis confirms bias in elections and corroborates ballot box stuffing.  Despite slanted polls Russians saw the manifestation of their votes, whether they were meant to or not: “While United Russia received 64 percent of the vote in the 2007 Duma elections, they were in 2011 unable to win even 50 percent of the vote.”

“Russia Working Group Statement on Russia’s December 4th Duma Elections,” Foreign Policy: December 7, 2011.

Proceeding the evident upset plaguing Moscow following the election results, Putin points a finger at Secretary of State Hilary Clinton for adding fuel to the fire. It should be noted Clinton did go on record to deliver a message encouraging transparent elections in Russia, implying their bias results.

“After Russian Vote, Putin Claims Clinton Incited Unrest,” New York Times: December 9, 2011.

Looking to participate? Want to keep an eye on the action?

Event pages for ‘Protest for Honest Elections’ to be held Saturday, Moscow Time 14:00.

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