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Review: Filomena, DC

Filomena – Washington, DC

Filomena is a renowned Italian restaurant in historic Georgetown.  It is famous mostly by its visitors and gains a lot of popularity from its guests and likely, the fact that it’s been around for so long.

I finally made my way to Filomena on a Thursday evening for dinner.  I really wanted it to be authentic and lovely, just as many report.  However, I found it uninspiring.  Having returned recently from Italy, I thought some of their dishes were not very authentic.  The menu itself is too long.  The portions are huge and the food wasn’t that impressive.

We started with a shared appetizer of the Caprese with Burrata Mozzarella.  It was good, but it’s not that difficult to mess up.

I ordered the LINGUINI CARDINALE which is apparently ‘Clinton’s favorite’ accroding to the menu.  It is a linguini tossed in a Cardinale sauce (lobster broth, tomato sauce, cream, butter, etc.) mixed with lobster meet as well.  The lobster was fresh, tender, and cooked properly.  However, it was completely overpowered by the amount of sauce on the plate.  In fact, the pasta was overpowered by the sauce on the plate.  There was so much sauce and cream, I had to stop eating it.

On my way out, I glanced through other dishes… all of the pasta dishes are huge portions with an even larger portion of sauce.  If there exists pools of sauce on your plate when you’re finished eating… it’s too much.  I would have preferred my sauce on the side so that I could add as much or little as I preferred.

My date ordered the Halibut which was a special Fish of the Day.  It was served with a sweet potato purees, couscous with cranberry and garnished with nuts.  I thought the overall dish set-up was nice.  The flavor profiles came through and complimented each other; though, it was not a unique or inventive combination and certainly not Italian.  The Halibut however was slightly dry, could have been cooked better.

We did not enjoy dessert this evening as we were too full.

We did have a capuccino which had a great espresso pull.

Overall (of 5)

Ambience: 3 (softly lit. Negatives: tables were too close together, no space to hang jackets or purses)

Noise: 3 (fairly noisy, especially for a 7:30pm reservation on a Thursday)

Food: 3 (not inventive or incredibly impressing)

Service: 3 (server was not very attentive, rushed us, and did not offer additional beverages.  Runners ran food to the wrong table on multiple occassions… and there were just as many staff as there were tables.)

Best for: historic patronage, groups. Coffee and dessert.

Other: Nice wine selection, though mostly only available by the bottle and very expensive options.


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