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Puerto Rico: Statehood or Status Quo?

Context: While the rest of the country was voting to elect the next President of the United States, Puerto Rico was voting on a non-binding referendum to guage the population’s opinions on the current political status of the island.

The first question asks whether you/a citizen would like to see a change in the political status of Puerto Rico (yes/no).


The second question asks, if you’d like a change, which would you prefer? The options being: Statehood, Independence and a Sovereign Free Associated State.

Let’s talk real numbers.  Of the 53/54% of people who wanted to see change in the current status… 61% prefer statehood (acc to source, some cite 61%). That’s not actually a majority, it just looks like it; it’s about 40%. Granted, many people may have misunderstood the two-part question and answered both regardless; I’m not sure how the government is assessing those votes. However, with Popular Democratic Party (PDP) candidate Garcia Padilla as the governor-elect, the status isn’t likely to change anytime soon.

“With 243 of 1,643 precincts reporting late Tuesday, 75,188 voters, or 53 percent, said they did not want to continue under the current political status. Forty-seven percent, or 67,304 voters, supported the status quo.”
“The second question asked voters to choose from three options, with statehood by far the favorite, garnering 61 percent.”
“…followed by 31 percent for sovereign free association and 4 percent for independence.”


Puerto Rico votes on US ties and chooses governorBy Danica Coto, Associated Press – 7 November 2012.

Puerto Rico ousts governor, backs US Statehood. By Ben Fox, Associated Press – 7 November 2012.

Deciding the Future of Puerto Rico. By Darryl W. Perry – 21 October 2012


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