A Glimpse: The D6

A Glimpse. Thats all it takes to realize there are other communities active around you. Community. Every time I take public transportation I am inundated with glimpses into life, love, conflict: all of which are foreign to my own.

Today on the bus two strangers became friends. In about 60 seconds they connected on communities of culture, work, and commute. One woman instigated conversation by asking the other if she was on her way home from work, in their native language of Spanish. They exchanged their work locations: not what they do but the actual location since they seem to see each other on the bus frequently. One woman then invited the other to meet up with her group of friends, stating that they frequently meet up after work to let the kids play while they socialize with one another. She agreed and they exchanged telephone numbers. She said they were all from Guatemala and asked where she was from. The other woman responded “El Salvador”.

Can you imagine if everyone was so welcoming and willing to embrace others into their lives? We might live in a totally different world. For now, that’s just one community.

Today, anything can happen. What change will you make?


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