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While the ongoing manhunt in Boston fuels media all over the world, bits and pieces of each interview get lost in translation or are purposely expelled from record.

Anzor Tsarnaev, who says he is the father of the Tsarnaev brothers in suspect for the bombing of the Boston Marathon, is quoted throughout worldwide media. However, each outlet seems to use different pieces to spin their own story.

In Makhachakala, The Republic of Chechnya, Russian Federation, Anzor Tsarnaev accepted an interview with the Associated Press and with an Interfax correspondent. He is quoted:

“I talked to my children on the phone immediately after the terrorist attack. I asked them if they were okay. They said don’t worry, we weren’t there at all,” Anzor Tsarnaev.

“I don’t believe that my children did it. They wouldn’t hurt a fly,” he said.

Anzor Tsarnaev said his sons have never had anything to do with weapons and only saw them on television. His elder son Tamerlan, who was killed as the police tried to detain him, was a boxer and dreamed about fighting for the U.S. national team His younger son, Dzhohar, was studying to be a dentist in the United States.

“I believe my children were set up,” Anzor Tsarnaev said.

You will not see parts of this interview portrayed in the U.S. Media, though Russian media seems heavily focused on it and other non-mainstream outlets are picking it up.

Voice of Russia

Interfax – Russia

Rossiskaya Gazeta

InfoWars (U.S.)

The Blaze (U.S.)

Meanwhile, President Putin was quoted yesterday, April 18, 2013, by Interfax correspondents:

“…the media’s proactive and responsible position and genuinely independent and brave journalism are more relevant today than ever. They [journalists] are needed for Russia’s effective democratic development, the strengthening of its civil society and the search for solutions to the most important problems,”

 – President Putin


Independent Journalism is the Key to Russian Democractic Development and Civil Society – Putin. Interfax. Johnson’s Russia List. 18 April 2013.

Tsarnaev Brothers’ Father Believes His Sons are Innocent. Interfax: Russia. 18 April 2013.



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