A weekend of airport food

After spending a horrible 48 hours dealing with travel and rescheduling travel and scouraging airports for decent food, I’ve come to realize Airport food options are literally the most difficult to navigate.  Real Food? Whole Food? No artificial ingredients or flavors? Yea, right.  You’ll be lucky to find a salad that has vegetables and chicken with a decent salad dressing. 

We need more REAL food options. Less ingredients, less chemicals, and it should be affordable. Why is this so difficult to obtain? 

Tips for navigating airport food and travel tips: 

  • Drink plenty of water! That headache and fatigue you’re feeling? You’re dehydrated. Maintaining your body at a high altitude actually requires replenishing your body with more water than usual. Your body needs water and vitamins for energy… not a soda filled with cornsyrup. 
  • Look for fresh options. The Grab & Go sandwich shop is tempting, but is likely filled with dough softeners and preservatives. Look for a sandwich/salad shop that might be making things fresh to order. Steer clear of the fast food! Read the ingredients, can’t pronounce something? Probably shouldn’t eat it. 
  • Pack as many healthy snacks as you can. Dried fruit, nuts, granola bars, even a sandwich. Bring an empty bottle to fill with drinking fountain water. Bottle water at the airport runs $3+ easily. 
  • Stay calm and remember, everyone wants to get to their destination just as much as you do. The customer service agent is not personally responsible for the weather or the delay of your flight(s). They are just trying to do their job and go home to their family so be polite and patient. 

Cheers! and Bon Voyage!


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