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Breaking: Can a Pro-EU – Ukrainian Nationalist Party Win the Upcoming Presidential Election?

Breaking: President Viktor Yanukovych agrees to EU-brokered agreement in which Ukraine reverts to the Constitution of 2004 and Presidential elections will commence before December 2014.

This allows the current President of Ukraine to ‘save face’ by not being forced to resign.


Can a Pro-EU or Ukrainian nationalist party win a Presidential election?

The elections could result in a moderate if another party cannot obtain enough votes.  It is likely that Ukrainian nationalists could not obtain enough votes to elect a leader in the upcoming election, unless the smaller parties can pull together and form a coalition. Otherwise, the Party of Regions is likely to elect the new President.

The current proportionality in Parliament of the prominent Ukrainian political parties is as such:1

45% Party of Regions 2 (Pro-Russia, centrism)

20% Fatherland (Pro-EU, center-right)

9.5% UDAR (Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reform)

8.1% Svoboda (Right nationalists)

7.2% Communist Party (Marxism, Leninism, far left)

8.6% Unaffiliated / Non-Aligned




1. Data retrieved from  Ukrainian Parliament site featuring “Parliamentary factions and Groups VII Convocation.”

2.  Former party of Viktor Yanukovych, he ran as an independent in the last election.


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