Donetsk to Deport Jews? Poor Translation Fuels Int’l Sentiment

Donetsk to Deport Jews? Not Likely.

The article that has the Jewish community up in arms: here.

Everyone: the google translation is wrong. Stop using it to write your op-eds because you are only discrediting yourself to the rest of us that actually read and understand Russian. Here’s looking at you: YNET.  IBTimes got it pretty spot on.

Here is the quote from Evreiskiy Kiev:  

Журналисты медиа-проекта «Киев еврейский» обратились за комментариями к Денису Пушилину. Он подтвердил, что листовка, подписанная возглавляемою им организацией, действительно раздавалась в Донецке. И заверил, что ни он, ни его организация не имеют к ней никакого отношения. 
«Какие-то уроды вчера  раздавали по торговым точкам калининского района… Но даже здесь плохо сработали — я себя никогда не называл народным губернатором… А Мацука, который это разместил на сайте новости дн юа — это известный донецкий грантоед…», — сказал медиа-проекту «Киев еврейский» Денис Пушилин.

Here is what it should be interpreted to (not a direct translation but an interpretation):

Media-project journalists from “Evreiskiy Kiev” reached out to Dennis Pushilin for comment. He confirmed that the leaflet was signed by his organization and was distributed in Donetsk. However, he affirms that he nor his organization have any relation to it.

“Yesterday, some freaks distributed this through the Kalinin district – though even here it barely worked. I never refer to myself as the “people’s governor” as A. Matsuka has often [called me] on his website: novosti.dn.ua – an infamous grant-[funded] Donetsk [news site].”  – said Denis Pushilin to media-project “Evreiskiy Kiev”.

Note: Denis Pushilin is the Chairman of the Council for the government of Donetsk. He is referring to “A. Matsuka” who is Aleksei Matsuka, a blogger on novosti(dot)dn(dot)ua.

What does this mean? Some organization probably planted this flyer to make the government powers of Donetsk look poorly.


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