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Breaking: Can a Pro-EU – Ukrainian Nationalist Party Win the Upcoming Presidential Election?

Breaking: President Viktor Yanukovych agrees to EU-brokered agreement in which Ukraine reverts to the Constitution of 2004 and Presidential elections will commence before December 2014. This allows the current President of Ukraine to ‘save face’ by not being forced to resign.   Can a Pro-EU or Ukrainian nationalist party win a Presidential election? The elections … Continue reading

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Traveling to Russia? Sochi? Turn off your electronics.

It seems that the journalism community is up in arms over Richard Engel’s misleading story, claiming his phone was immediately hacked in a cafe in Moscow.  According to The Wire, NBC has made attempts to clarify the story adding that Engel had clicked on malware to initiate the download. Does this completely negate the concept … Continue reading

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Pussy Riot activists – no longer, are they protecting their own?

The two most famous members have departed the band, according to the Pussy Riot website. This is to be expected. Maria Alyokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova have been on a public relations tour, paralleling the Olympics in Sochi.  Their brave and truthful comments speak poorly of the Russian government, so it is natural to think Pussy Riot would … Continue reading

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Puerto Rico: downgraded again, but what does this mean?

Puerto Rico was downgraded by S&P to junk status on Tuesday, February 4th. Why does this matter? What does that really mean? As investors look at the market, they notice the credit ratings established by the most reputable companies: Moody’s and Fitch and S&P. A lower credit rating may persuade bond holders to not buy … Continue reading