Reality Sets In (-4 weeks)

The last few days have been quite infuriating. 

While trying to change a flight, I was informed that one of my flights home was cancelled.  Yes, Cancelled.  They had not even told me yet.  I then spent the next 4 days talking to every one of my airline companies and the travel agency trying to make an alternative itinerary.

I did finally get a new flight  home. However it leaves me spending the night in Chicago, which, needless to say, is a preposterous idea since, for less than the amount to rent a hotel room, I can hop on an Amtrak home. 

Only 4 weeks left until departure now.   I had my first dream about the trip: I’m getting anxious.  The reality has finally set in.   Do you know what I mean? You can plan and plan for something but never realize it’s actually happening until you’re right in the middle of it. 



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